Rheingold on the Rhine

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200 years after the birth of Richard Wagner, his celebrated opera Das Rheingold and the symphonic show The Wagner Experience will be performed in and on the River Rhine.
In July of 2013, the Rhineland will be redefined as an opera scene. A ship of 135 meters long will be transporting a precious cargo; the hold is a complete musical theatre!
Rheingold on the Rhine is an international production of the opera Das Rheingold by Richard Wagner and the symphonic show The Wagner Experience. Eight performances of the opera and the symphonic show will take place in the hold of the barge that successively will visit Koblenz, Duisburg, Arnhem, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. On board: ninety orchestral musicians of the Utrecht Student Concert, a full cast and crew and 500 guests. The ship serves as a fully equipped floating musical theatre!
The year 2013 is the 200th birthday of Richard Wagner and is dedicated to his life and work. It is also 300 years after the Treaty of Utrecht was signed, a fact that will be celebrated in and around Utrecht. Besides, the Utrecht Student Concert, the oldest symphony orchestra in the Netherlands, celebrates its 190th birthday. Finally, Rheingold on the Rhine is also part of the celebration of 400 years canals in Amsterdam.
Rheingold on the Rhine is recommended by:
Prof. dr. G. J. van der Zwaan
Rector of Utrecht University 
Prof. mr. P. van Vollenhoven
Member of the Dutch Royal Family
P. Audi
Artistic director De Nederlandse Opera 
Mr. A. Wolfsen
Mayor of Utrecht
Mr. M. Krop
Dutch Ambassador in Germany
Prof. dr. G. J. Cerfontaine
Chairman Treaty of Utrecht
Mrs. M. van Kralingen
Artistic Leader Opera Zuid

Drs. W. Kuijken
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